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Welcome to our glamorous world


WE ARE  a lavish luxury brand of swim and beach wear. The line is glamourous and flirty with a playful element, making each woman feel beautiful and special when she puts it on. Using only the most luxurious and high end lycra blend fabrics & finest finishings, it is the ultimate line of designer swimwear. Every piece is designed and hand sewn in-house and has no shortage of beautiful lace's, imported gemstones and crystals, in-house designed hardware, pearls, beading, and other stunning embellishments. All fabrics and finishings are of the utmost quality, and sourced personally by the designer. Expect each suit to be exclusive, captivating & outrageously gorgeous, with a guaranteed perfect fit. We pride ourselves on perfection and luxury and would not present anything less. Come step into our glamorous world of beauty, style and luxe.

Ottilia  is quickly becoming a much sought after brand in the world of swimwear, and has been called the "Holy Grail" of bikinis. 

Your bikini is hand-made in house and is Not manufactured. Each piece is unique and may vary ever so slightly.

Your bikini is made with love, and we promise absolute perfection each time